NOW Lingo

Are you ready to speak like the PGG????  Wait...what does that mean?  We have so many great things going on we often forget that we have created our own what do we mean?????

  • BOG-Be Our Guests (Members often have the ability to invite non-members to a meeting)  A BOG form must be completed prior to the meeting (See our Forms)
  • GNO-Girls Night Out
  • Navigator-a person to help our members navigate through meetings, events etc. A facilitator to help each member get the most from our group
  • MLM-Multi-level Marketing
  • NOW-Network of Women
  • PGG- Acronymn created by one of members that stands for Professional Girl Gang....yes it just stuck!
  • POWNOW-A POWNOW is a small group, members­ only event designed to help improve growth and understanding in a particular subject.  It can be for personal or professional growth, but not for the purpose of selling your products or services.  Examples: money saving tips for your business, website design, intro to meditation, healthy eating habits, etc.  You can do a POWNOW in person or online whatever works best for you and your topic (application in Forms)