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Monday, June 25, 2018
By Network of Women LLC
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Well either you are already a member of this awesome group, considering to become a member of this awesome group, or just want to learn more.  We want to introduce you guys to a group of ladies that help make all of this awesomeness happen….our group “Navigators”.  Well what is a Navigator?  By definition, a “Navigator” is a person who directs the route or course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transportation, especially by using instruments and maps.  We like to think of ourselves as “tools” to help other like-mind women for personal and professional development and growth.  But we also like to think of ourselves as a fun, dynamic, well-versed, different group of ladies as well.  We help our Founder, Jamie Bernard, with ideas, meetings, host our POW NOWs, spear-head group charity events, recruit new members, handle our group social media, among other things and really hope to be an asset to all of our members.  We come from different backgrounds professionally and personally, some from meager beginning, some from the corporate world, some from government agencies, some working independently, some working for another company, some working for a multi-level marketing company.  We all have great experiences that we hope to share. 

So let’s meet everyone.  Briefly, I asked all of our Navigators to give me a few quick details about themselves, their business and just some of their random favorite things to help everyone get to know us. So let’s start with the back row from left to right.

Judy Prokopiak- Most know her as Coach Judy. As a speaker, teach, author, and life coach ( with specialties in healthy lifestyle strategies and reframing disempowering stories, AKA The B.S. Story Whisperer) Coach Judy will teach you how to gain confidence, courage and worthiness with new stories, beliefs and imperfect action and “shift” your life in a positive manner. Here favorite things are paddleboarding and healthy eating.


Michelle Myers- Michelle Myers is a Multimedia Solutions Representative with Mint Magazine helping clients get their name and brand in homes. Networking, connecting people, and building relationships with integrity is her favorite part of her work. She loves Jesus, her husband, and her girls. Her three most favorite things EVER: Nicole, Sarah and Olivia, her daughters.


Jamie Bernard- Jamie Bernard is the founder of Network of Women. She is also the self -proclaimed, “Boutique Boss” and owner of Pippi’s Consignment Cottage in Amelia Island. She lives by the quote, “She Believed She Could, So She Did”!  Some of her favorite things are Korean Food, her PGG & a really good shoe!


Audrey Cramer- Audrey Cramer is an ambassador with Plexus Worldwide and is passionate about helping people get healthy. She is also starting her own business, Down Home Designs, taking old pieces of furniture and giving them new life.   A few of her favorite things are her very large family of 7, all things British, and singing.


Megan Ritchie- is the owner of Nonverbal Consulting, where she helps people in business network with more confidence and create deeper bonds with clients. Having the ability to read body language and respond appropriately to what you see is such a powerful skill in business!  Outside of business, she is a homeschooling mom and enjoys going to the beach and zoo with her family. She loves to Latin dance and enjoys photography.


Now let’s move down to the row of "sitters" from left to right


Kellie Boston- Kellie is the owner of Boston Photography LLC.  Boston Photography is a full-time, full-service portrait studio on Amelia Island.  While she offers portraits in studio, she also offers them outdoors, on-location, and even underwater!  Most of her business revolves around family and business portraits, but she also captures events, pets and other genres.  (She took the picture in this blog in her studio..well kinda...her daughter pushed the button :))  Her favorite things are colorful skies, frozen berries, funky hair.

Crystal Henning- Crystal is a financial advisor with Edward Jones Investments.  Some of her favorite things are her Husband and sons, traveling, two crazy chihuahuas and cat that thinks she’s a dog.

Penny Logan-Penny owns Time Solutions where she is a professional assistant. She does part-time and project work for other small businesses. Some of her favorite things are mini pigs, pretty nails and glamping.

Krystal Little- Krystal sells Pampered Chef where she helps busy people get healthy meals on the table in under 30 mins. She facilitates fun cooking socials, freezer meal workshops, fundraisers, kids in the kitchen classes, bridal showers and much more! Her favorite things are dark chocolate, wine & the Gators!

Jennifer O’Neal- Jennifer is an Operating Partner at MosquitoNix where she helps property owners safely and easily enjoy their outdoors without biting insects like mosquitos, gnats, fleas, ticks, flies, spiders and mud daubers. She has the pleasure of working alongside her husband, Mike, where they both love protecting outdoor lifestyles and making them more enjoyable. Jennifer is active in a variety of networking groups where she enjoys building relationships and helping others with stronger connections.  Some of her favorite things include golfing, enjoying ice cream every Sunday, traveling and finding hidden gem restaurants with her husband Mike.


So now you know us!!!!  Please feel free to introduce yourself, ask for help, share your stories and of course join our group and have a great time with your own personal and professional development.


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