OUR FOUNDER - Jamie Bernard  M.Ed

I created NOW because I kept hearing so many of my female friends say they hated networking. Being a natural conversationalist that tries to never meet a stranger, I could not relate. I wanted to create an environment and teach others how to become more comfortable and actually enjoy networking. Networking is easier for some however, it is a skill that can be taught. A comfortable networking experience is all about environment. I spent a year crafting a culture that is inviting and promotes relational marketing rather than awkward mingling. Relational marketing is the result of strategic networking efforts. There is a lack of authenticity and an abundance of clutter in the marketplace today. Networking has also fell victim to the current culture and I want to do my part to help change that and promote real connections. 

I am a Jacksonville native (yes we do exist) however, part of my heart is in NYC. I began my love affair with the city as a college student when I earned a scholarship to tour the financial district for two weeks with a group of my peers. I still try to visit often. The bulk of my career has been as a small business owner which is why I am passionate about helping other women in their pursuit of professional development. I am a self declared leadership nerd. I have a Masters in Educational Leadership and a BA in Communication and Public Relations.